Doing Business with SG

Scientific Games is an industry leader and fully committed to ethics in business it conducts every day and everywhere it offers its goods and services. The Company's Code of Business Conduct reaffirms the Scientific Games commitment that each of us shares not only to excellence in what we do but how we do it.

Every day, we do business in a world that is increasingly focused on the appearance of conduct as well as the conduct itself. Because we often function in a regulated environment, we are ever mindful that the trust we have earned, we earn through the superior products and services we offer.

Business ethics begin with a commitment to compliance and compliance really comes down to earning and keeping our customers' trust by playing by the rules. Some of those rules come in the form of laws that govern our conduct. Other rules are as simple as using common sense. But there are also principles that govern how we at Scientific Games conduct ourselves. The Code is a standard of conduct to which we hold ourselves and each other. Following these principles helps maintain public trust and confidence in our Company.  Scientific Games takes great pride in having earned the trust of our customers and the business community in which we work.

Anyone conducting business for Scientific Games Corporation, and its subsidiaries (for purposes of this Code, collectively the "Company"), including employees, officers, directors and consultants, to the extent required in their consulting agreement, is expected to read, understand and adhere to this Code, and comply with all applicable policies and procedures.  The following principles guide us in the performance of our day-to-day business responsibilities:

  1. Avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of such conflicts.
  2. Conduct business in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and policies.
  3. Maintain confidentiality of customer, director, officer, employee and Company information.
  4. Be honest and trustworthy in our relationships with customers, suppliers, fellow directors, officers and employees, management, stockholders and the public.
  5. Provide products and services in strict conformity with our contractual obligations and of the highest quality.
  6. Do not use Company resources for personal gain.
  7. Be economical in using Company resources.

These principles are fundamental to the operation of a quality organization. If they appear obvious, it is because they make sense to anyone who takes pride in the performance of his or her job.

Vendors, Agents, and Business Partners

Our company engages in a rigorous process for ensuring that our customers can trust those we do business with. This process includes background inquiries conducted by our Compliance Department and outside professionals as well as oversight by a Committee of our Board of Directors.  It also includes a contractual process that is designed to clearly define the relationship and responsibilities of the parties. The process is designed to ensure that our business partners are qualified and offer value based goods and services to compliment and enable our own. Once part of our business, vendors, agents and other business partners are reminded that the appearance of impropriety is as important to avoid as impropriety itself. In that regard, we closely scrutinize and actually discourage the exchange of business courtesies and gifts during the year at holidays.  Indeed, our preference at holidays is that those doing business with us reward their own employees or give to the charities of their own choosing in their own name rather than send us "presents."

Compliance With Law

As a public U.S. company, Scientific Games is required and committed to not only comply with the laws of the U.S., but those of the countries in which it does business outside the U.S.

The Company respects workplace laws in each jurisdiction in which the Company does business. These laws may include, but are not limited to, equal employment opportunity statutes, the Americans with Disabilities Act, drug-free workplace mandates, and rules or regulations promoting a work environment that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment.

We support the employment and promotion of qualified minorities, women and persons with disabilities. Avoiding discrimination on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, or national origin, and promoting equal opportunity to all qualified individuals is the responsibility of every Scientific Games employee.