Social Games

Social Media + Games =
Engagement + More Players

Talk about the perfect equation.  Social media and social game brands are an exciting way to launch new content and create a social media infrastructure – and increase player engagement. Lotteries have games and players already in place. Add a social platform, and playership expands to the next level.

At Scientific Games, we’ve partnered with Zynga®, the world’s leading provider of social game services, to offer lotteries Zynga-branded instant games like CityVille® and Words With Friends® and exciting interactive 2nd Chance games and prizes. 

Going Social

Social games and platforms allow lotteries to mimic real world social interaction with their brands, games, players and prizes – but on a much larger scale.  Shares, likes, statuses, photos, invitations, messages, notifications and check-ins can be catalysts to popularize game play.

The gamification and socialification of iLottery and iGaming interactive products are an effective entry point in a pre-regulation environment.  And as regulation evolves, players may be able to purchase lottery games and pay-to-play casino style games via Facebook® and other social media. In the meantime, Scientific Games can help you build a social media presence with promotions and applications for Points for Prizes®, FunPlay ™ games and 2nd Chance games. 

If you “like” this idea, you’re ahead of the game.

As with all our offerings, the products and services described herein are limited to activities consistent with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and with Scientific Games’ corporate governance procedures.  We work with all our customers to ensure compliance with all legal requirements. Intrastate game play regulations require that players be geographically located in the state hosting the game at the time of play