The Science Behind Our Games.

Over the years, we’ve developed some pretty amazing lottery games for our customers.

At Scientific Games, there’s more behind our games than meets the eye. We analyze many diverse and important game and player attributes when we’re creating the best-selling lottery games on the globe – beginning with consumer behavior.

So, what makes a game a top performer? A serious understanding of how to engage and entertain players.

From prize structure and price point, to precise use of color and graphics, science is involved every step of the way. Whether an instant scratch game, a draw game, Keno, an interactive game or a licensed property game, by the time our games reach players, they’ve been shaped by some of the most experienced game designers, mathematicians, marketing research analysts and product managers in the industry.

World Trusted Security

Our lottery customers trust that games developed by Scientific Games offer players the highest level of integrity and security, thanks to our patented, state-of-the-art technology and experience complying with over 100 international lottery regulatory organizations.

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