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Self-Checkout Lanes

June 07, 2023

Self-checkout lanes have revolutionized the retail experience. Speed and convenience make self-checkout a win for retailers and consumers. In the latest issue of Data in Motion, we examine the appeal of self-checkout to lottery players and explore ways that retailers can use this trend to boost sales.

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Consumers and Convenience Stores

May 24, 2023

Summer is here and we’re analyzing how convenience stores keep up with consumers on the go. While the cost of goods and gas are up, the number of stores and transactions have also increased. Read more in our latest issue of Data in Motion.

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Continued Exploration of McKinsey and Company's Five Zeroes Transforming Retail

May 10, 2023

Celebrating 50 years of tracking consumer trends to help drive our lottery customer’s performance. In our latest issue of Data in Motion, Scientific Games continues to explore McKinsey and Company’s Five Zeros Transforming Retail, including Zero Wait for Delivery, Zero Tolerance for Inaction and Zero Wiggle Room for Inflexibility. All part of our longtime lottery industry leadership in analytics and insights.

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How Consumers Are Impacting the Retail Environment

April 26, 2023

As changing online consumer habits continue to impact the retail environment, is your lottery following the trends? Read more about factoring a frictionless shopping experience into an overarching retail strategy in the latest issue of Data in Motion.

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Social Media and Lottery Players

April 12, 2023

Social media has become an ingrained part of everyday life over the past 20 years. This issue of Data in Motion provides a brief overview of social media usage, and explores new vs. existing lottery players and different social platforms – along with ideas on how the power of social media can help drive player engagement and sales.

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Beyond Blowout Games

March 29, 2023

Lottery players love ‘blowout’ games packed with prizes. When it comes to prize structures, @ Scientific Games gives lotteries data-based guidance on game portfolio management. Our latest Data in Motion report looks beyond blowout games to games with specialty prize structures, break in odds games and standout games.

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