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The Expansion of Retail Self-Checkout Lanes

June 28, 2022

Self-checkout lanes – a welcome convenience to some, a misapplication of technology to others. Wherever you might be on this spectrum, there is no denying the fact that self-checkout lanes are more prevalent than ever and being increasingly embraced by retail channels across the board. In this issue of Data in Motion, we examine why self-checkout is on the rise and what it means for the lottery industry.

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A Look at C-Store Sales

May 31, 2022

Scientific Games gives you a look at how convenience stores fared in 2021 and seasonal strategies some retailers are taking to maximize summer revenue opportunities.

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Instant Game Sales Decline Explained

May 17, 2022

Experiencing a decline in instant game sales versus fiscal year 2021? Fear not. We’ve shared some insights on why this may be occurring and provide some assurance that it isn’t quite as dire as it may seem.

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Gas Prices and Lottery Games

May 03, 2022

Does the price of gas affect the purchase of lottery products? It’s a question our industry has wrestled with for years but the recent spike in fuel costs has provided a unique opportunity to examine the question more closely.

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Loyalty & Rewards

April 19, 2022

Loyalty and rewards programs are an important part of our industry and for good reason: not only do they provide an additional touch point for lotteries to engage their players, but these programs are often a player’s first exposure to a lottery’s broader digital portfolio.

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New Lottery Players

April 05, 2022

An incredible number of people started playing the lottery in 2021, a phenomenon we covered in our June 2021 issue of Data in Motion. Entertainment options were limited due to the pandemic which led many lapsed and non-players to give lottery games a try.

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