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Lower Price Point Games

August 30, 2023

Lower price point ($1 and $2) instant scratch games have been a key part of lottery portfolios for decades. But as consumer appetites changed, demand for these games has decreased. While more players are gravitating to higher price point games, $1 and $2 games can still play an important role in lotteries’ portfolios, especially as entry-level games or gifts. In this issue of Data in Motion, we explore the appeal of $1 and $2 games to players and share data-based recommendations on how lotteries should strategically feature these games in their portfolios.

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Customer Experience

August 16, 2023

Customer experience, or CX, is a vital part of brand marketing in the digital age. Providing positive customer experiences can help companies improve brand perception and increase customer loyalty. In this issue of Data in Motion, we define CX, explain why it should matter to lotteries and share five core competencies of the player journey that help create strong customer experience programs.

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Short-Form Videos in Social Media Marketing

August 02, 2023

Short-form videos have become key to social media marketing for many consumer brands. Using short-form videos in social media content can help lotteries increase their digital brand reach and connect with key audiences, like core players and young adults. In this issue of Data in Motion, we share information about short-form videos and provide social media statistics from the Scientific Games ONE Segmentation study.

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Five Dollar Games

July 19, 2023

Five dollar games have been among the most popular price points with lottery players for decades, offering broad appeal, particularly as entry-level games. Strengthening the games at this price point with key callouts, product enhancements and new play actions can help retain their true value in the overall portfolio. In this issue of Data in Motion, we analyze and share the results of Scientific Games’ recent player research focused on $5 games.

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Self-Checkout Lanes

June 07, 2023

Self-checkout lanes have revolutionized the retail experience. Speed and convenience make self-checkout a win for retailers and consumers. In the latest issue of Data in Motion, we examine the appeal of self-checkout to lottery players and explore ways that retailers can use this trend to boost sales.

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Consumers and Convenience Stores

May 24, 2023

Summer is here and we’re analyzing how convenience stores keep up with consumers on the go. While the cost of goods and gas are up, the number of stores and transactions have also increased. Read more in our latest issue of Data in Motion.

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